Cross credit arrangements from NZDipBus courses

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) courses successfully completed within the past 10 years can be used to cross credit to Open Polytechnic courses as follows. If your courses date back longer than ten years ago but you have been using that knowledge recently, you should apply for RPL based on your recent demonstration of skills.

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Version 2 and 3)




Accounting Principles AND
Accounting Practices

71100 Accounting
510 Introduction to Commercial Law 71110 Introduction to Commercial Law
520  The Economic Environment 71120 The Economic Environment
530 Organisations and Management 71130 Organisations and Management


Fundamentals of Marketing AND
Buyer Behaviour and Communication Strategies OR
Marketing Planning and Control

71231 Marketing
550 Business Computing 71155* Business Computing
560 Business Communication 72140 Business Communication
1 x Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Business course  71199 Level 5 unspecified
603  Business Finance 71205 Business Finance
630  Leadership 71243 Leadership
632 Operations Management 71232 Operations Management
633 Human Resource Management 71225 Human Resource Management
635 Employment Relations 71226 Employment Relations
636 Applied Management 71199 Unspecified Elective

If you gained the New Zealand Diploma in Business course through a cross-credit, the original source of the cross-credit will be used to determine whether you are eligible for a cross-credit to the Bachelor of Business degree. For a course to be eligible for a cross-credit, you must have a 50% (C) pass or better.

* 71155 Business Computing has replaced 71150 Information Systems. Either course may be used for completion of this qualification.