Pasifika student support

It’s natural to feel excitement, as well as a niggle of anxiety when you make the decision to study. We want you to know that support is at hand, whatever stage you are in your study journey.

Learning support

We have a range of support services to help our Pasifika students succeed.

Student Journey Centre

How do I start?

Before you enrol we can help decide what to study and make the right decision for your needs. We’ll also help you understand the requirements of your level of study and how to make the right decision for you.


Where do I start?

If you are a new student, we will assign you a personal mentor to guide you through those first important weeks of your study. Your mentor will help set you up, and make sure you have everything you need to get started in your studies.

Student Learning Supporter 

I’ve started; am I  going about this study stuff in the right way?

This person will be there to help you navigate your learning experience as you study towards your qualification.  They know the systems well, so can give you the right advice.

Lecturer - I’m in, and have some questions about the course content

Lecturers are there to help you through the coursework. They’ll make sure you understand the course material and will give you clarity as you need it.

With Open Polytechnic, you could just email or call and it felt like it was only me and the lecturer.

Emma Harris, Bachelor of Business (Accounting) graduate


Pasifika Learning Support Advocate

I need to talk to a Pasifika staff member about my studies

It’s helpful to have someone understand your commitments and obligations as a Pasifika person, including the need to be successful for yourself and your family.  Make contact to so we can help you approach your studies with confidence, motivation and perseverance.

Library and Learning Support Liaison 

Can someone help me with academic skills?

This team will support you by helping you find resources for assignments. They can also help with APA referencing skills, academic writing and working through research projects. 


Financial support

We offer a range of scholarships and awards for our students, including our Pasifika Study Award. We offer this award to acknowledge the contributions that our Pasifika students will make to their family and the wider community through their academic achievements. It is aimed at students who have completed 120 credits towards their Level 5 or above qualification.


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