How we'll support your studies

Studying by distance learning doesn't mean you'll be on your own. We’ll be with you every step of the way to support, mentor and assist you with your studies and study planning.

Support from our student advisors

If you need help to plan your study our Student Advisors can help you:

  • Choose the right qualification to suit your study and career goals.
  • Decide what course to start with.
  • Understand how qualifications are structured, so you know what course to do next.
  • Plan your studies so you can step from certificate, to diploma then onto a degree.
  • Plan your study load to make sure it suits how much time you have available.
  • Work out if your previous tertiary study can be cross credited to one of our qualifications.

If you’re already studying with us we can help you work out how many courses you need to finish your qualification, and ensure you meet the requirements to apply to graduate.


Lecturer support

Every course has a lecturer who is an expert in the subject, and skilled at teaching by distance learning. They are committed to helping you achieve your study goals.

They’ll guide you through the coursework and make sure you understand the course materials. They will also be active in the online course pages. They will respond to questions, lead and encourage discussion and check your progress.

They’re only a message, phone call or email away to answer any questions, and give you the help you need when you need it.

Before you start your course you’ll get the name and contact details of your lecturer. If you ever have trouble getting in touch with them or have issues with your studies, contact us:


The support from staff was excellent. The supportive comments of my lecturers were the force that developed my confidence to get this far and push even further. Study with Open Polytechnic laid the foundation for everything that came after it, including the confidence necessary to succeed after Open Polytechnic.

Ann Tapara - Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) graduate.


Student mentoring

If you are a new student at Open Polytechnic you will get a personal mentor who will guide you through those first important weeks of your learning. Your mentor will help set you up and make sure you have everything you need for getting started in your studies. – at Open polytechnic people are the most important thing.


Learning support

If you need help to improve your academic writing, research and or with general study skills, our Library and Learning Centre, Te Whare Pukapuka Wāhanga Whakapakari Ako, team are here to help.

They can give you free, confidential, one-on-one support by telephone or email. They are also active in the talk channels of our online courses.

Assignment support

When it comes to assignment writing, they can help with:

  • Academic writing skills
  • How to understand the topic, and structure the assignment to ensure it flows.
  • APA referencing and APA style
  • Understanding and preventing plagiarism.

They can also give you feedback on two paragraphs of your assignment by giving examples and ideas for improving your writing structure and grammar.

Note: This feedback is not a writing review, or editing and proofreading service. It does not include feedback on your assignment content or reference list.

Research and study support

If you need help with research, the Library and Learning Centre team can:

  • Give you help to search for information on our online library
  • Help you evaluate information and decide on the best sources for your topic
  • Improve your reading and note making skills
  • Develop your study skills, including time management and setting learning goals
  • Help you prepare for exams
  • Develop strategies for coping with study and exam stress
  • Help you learn to navigate your online course pages.

You can also check our study tips and techniques section for information on researching, academic and assignment writing, referencing, and maths and statistics.

Support for Māori and Pasifika learners

The Library and Learning Centre also have learning support advocates who provide specialist learning support and mentoring to Māori and Pasifika learners.

Support for learners with a disability

The Library and Learning Centre also have learning support advocates who provide specialist learning support and mentoring to students with a disability, specific learning need or health condition that may affect their study.


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