Study offers global opportunities

Moneel Pratap
  • Retail manager

Wellington based Retail Manager and Open Polytechnic graduate Moneel Pratap says his Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting with New Zealand’s leader in distance education has not only enriched his current work, but has opened up career opportunities for him on a global scale. 

“I am currently a Retail Manager for a leading international jewellery company. I am looking to quickly move up the ranks and my goal is to become a Regional Manager,” Moneel explains.

Moving from accounting, to his current role, Moneel says his studies allowed him to enter into his current role and he couldn’t be happier.

Speaking to the wide range of skills he learned over the course of his degree Moneel says “My studies have helped me manage my store more profitably and manage my people more effectively. It has opened up career opportunities for me in so many ways.”

First degree, fourth qualification

Not new to study, Moneel decided to pursue his degree with Open Polytechnic after completing a few other qualifications.

“I did an Automotive Electrical Engineering qualification in 2008 and 2009. After realising a great interest in business operations and management I then returned to study in 2011. I completed a Diploma in Business, Diploma in Accounting and a Diploma in Management,” he says, adding that finishing his degree with Open Polytechnic was a step he is proud to have taken.

“It feels fantastic to have completed my degree. It was a very long journey but it was well worth it. I am extremely proud of myself and so are my close ones. It was an incredible achievement and it will always be a very important memorable milestone in my life.”

Strategic approach

Determined to excel with his studies, Moneel says that organisation was key to his success.

“I had a strict schedule. I was organised days, months and years in advance. I had a diary which kept me organised with course starts, assignment due dates, exams and when certain modules were required to be completed by,” he explains.

“I regularly checked my current time and situation with my schedule to make sure everything was on track! Call me a freak but it works.”

Scheduling and Open Polytechnic’s flexible learning, Moneel says, helped him make the most of his time, including scheduling time for himself.

“I enjoyed quality time with family and friends and also staying active. I regularly go to the gym and other outdoor physical activities. I believe this keeps the stress down while keeping you in a fantastic mood to study effectively and balance life overall,” he says.

“I always downloaded study modules to my phone where I could. So whenever I had a moment, I’d read the course material. You will be surprised at the free time you can come up with. Every minute makes a difference,” he explains.

Clear vision, goal accomplished

For anyone considering study, Moneel says passion, interest in what you are studying and self-motivation will ensure success and with Open Polytechnic, you are supported along your study journey.

“Always study and do what makes you happy. Study what interests you,” he says.

The course material was clearly written and straight forward. The lecturers were very helpful. I’d recommend Open Polytechnic to anyone seeking to make a difference in their lives.”

[Studying] has opened up career opportunities for me in so many ways.