How studying by distance with us works

Distance learning with Open Polytechnic means we bring the classroom to you. We'll provide you with all your course content so you can study where and when you need. You will also have access to our academic and support staff to guide you through your studies.

Study around your schedule

With distance learning you can make study fit with your needs. We give you the flexibility to develop a study routine that works with the rest of your life so you can fit study around work, family, sport or community commitments.

Like face-to-face study, distance learning courses have start and end dates, and work to get through in between.So you’ll need discipline and motivation to do the work and complete your assignments on time.

The benefit is you decide on your timetable. It’s up to you to work out when and where you study, how much to take on, and how to divide up your study time.

Study around your schedule

Moneel Pratap - Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

"I always downloaded study modules to my phone where I could. So whenever I had a moment, I’d read the course material. You will be surprised at the free time you can come up with. Every minute makes a difference."

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How courses are delivered 


Online Only

We deliver our courses online using iQualify, our learning management system (LMS). With iQualify everything you need is in one place. You can access all your course content. And you can use it to ask questions, and join discussions with lecturers and other students. You can also create study notes, bookmark important information and submit your assignments.

Find out more about the iQualify LMS:

iQualify website

Note: For online learning you need a computer, laptop or device, and reliable internet access. 


Some of our courses are online assisted. This means we send you printed material, which is supported by online content.

Print Only

We also offer some paper-based courses. You will receive printed course materials and readings and post back your assignments.

Contact classes

For some courses you may need to attend contact classes and workshops. You can check this in the course information before you enrol.

Additional Support

All our courses come with support you can access online. For example, you can talk to your tutor through your online course pages. You can also access our library services, Study tips and techniques, and My Open Polytechnic – your Open Polytechnic home page and account area.


When courses are offered

Our distance learning courses are either open or trimesterised. This means when they are available to study, and their start and end dates vary.

Open courses

You can enrol in and start open courses throughout the year, as they start on the first Monday of each month.

Trimesterised courses

There are three trimesters each year:

  • Trimester 1 starts in February
  • Trimester 2 starts in July
  • Trimester 3 starts in November.

Exact start dates are in the course information and in our Enrolment dates page:

Download our latest prospectus

At Open Polytechnic we specialise in flexible, distance and online learning that is designed to help you fit study around your work and life commitments.

For more information about what we offer when you study with us, and what you can study, download our prospectus  (PDF 12MB)

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