Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mechanical Engineering)


Closed to new enrolments

Course materials, resources and software required

You need to provide your work to us in one of the following formats: .doc, .ppt, .rtf or .zip. For some courses you will also need to provide spreadsheets and/or databases to us in one of the following formats: .xls and/or .mdb.


  • For some courses you may need specialised software. See individual course descriptions for details.
  • We use Microsoft software and the resources we provide for your study are in this format. If you need to buy software, you can buy it at a special academic price from most software sellers (generally about a third of the normal retail cost).

Recommended hardware specifications

Windows/Linux minimum specifications

  • CPU 2 Ghz Intel Core
  • 2 Duo or equivalent processor
  • RAM 2GB
  • Hard Drive 250GB
  • Optical Drive DVD Burner (reads/burns CD and DVD)
  • Sound Card Yes
  • Operating System Windows 7 (English version if support required)
  • Video Card 256MB VRAM
  • Internet connection Broadband, Cable, ADSL or Local Area Network (e.g. at your workplace).

Macintosh minimum specifications (OS 10.5 Tiger Capable)

  • CPU 2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • RAM 2GB
  • Hard Drive 250GB
  • Optical Drive DVD Burner (reads/burns CD and DVD)
  • Sound Card Yes
  • Operating System Mac OS 10.5 (or later)
  • Video Card 256MB VRAM
  • Internet Connection Broadband, Cable, ADSL or Local Area Network (e.g. at your workplace).

*Issues regarding software compatibility and peripheral hardware are the owner’s responsibility.

Software, test equipment and tools

If you are studying electrical or computer systems courses you need to buy electronic component kits (approximately $50 each) for the following courses:

  • ELE1502 Electronic Circuits
  • ELE2501 Electronic Workshop and Production (construction assessment)
  • ELE3506 Electronic Measurement (construction assessment).

You need to have access to the items listed below for at least several hours per week. They are required for the courses specified and immediate access is not necessary. Access may be at a place of employment or other venue. If you have to buy the equipment the cost will be approximately $85 for test equipment excluding the power supply, $250 for computer software and $80 for hand tools.


Items required for courses

Computer software

  • MICRO-CAP VIII student edition (NB: Adequate demo version available free on the internet)
  • ELE1301, ELE1502, ELE2503, ELE3506.
  • Altium PCB design software, student limited-term licence ELE2501, ELE3506.
  • MatLAB student edition ELE2103, ELE3105, ELE3107, ELE4108, ELE4605, ELE3803, MAT1502.
  • AutoCAD 2012, ProEngineer Wildfire 5 or equivalent ENG1100, MEC2304 (ProEngineer Wildfire 5 provided in course material).

Test equipment and tools

Digital multimeter:

  • DC ranges 0.2V to 1000V 200MicroA to 10A
  • AC ranges 0.2V to 1000V 200MicrA to 10A.

ELE1502, ELE2503, ELE2504, ELE3506

  • Electronic breadboard (at least 640 holes) ELE1502, ELE2503, ELE2504, ELE3506.
  • DC power supply + 5V, 500mA; +-15V, 100mA ELE2503, ELE2504, ELE3506.
  • One pair of wire cutters/strippers and one pair of smooth jawed pliers suitable for electronic work (approximate size 11 cm)

ELE1502, ELE1911, ELE2501, ELE2503, ELE2504, ELE2913, ELE3506

  • Analogue multimeter, hook-up wire, some electronic components ELE2702.
  • Soldering iron and safety glasses ELE2501, ELE3506.

Note: Many software packages have their own minimum hardware requirements. If you are a new computer buyer, you should check the requirements of the software you plan to use before you commit yourself to particular hardware.