New Zealand Certificate in Floristry (Level 2)


You can study NZ2671 New Zealand Certificate in Floristry (Level 2) if you are a domestic student who is living in New Zealand.

Domestic learners living overseas cannot enrol in this programme. This programme is not open to international learners living in NZ or living overseas.

 This fee free offer is for a limited time. We will publish the end date of the offer two weeks before the offer ends in these qualification pages.

 What the fee free offer covers

This fee free offer only applies to the programme’s enrolment fee.

 It does not include provision of textbooks or any other additional fees incurred by a student. These will remain the responsibility of the student.

 Who is not eligible for this fees free offer

You are not eligible for the fee free offer if you are a student currently in receipt of or applying for a scholarship, reward or any other special offers from Open Polytechnic.

 Applying to enrol

When you enrol in your course you need to fill in the enrolment form. Payment will not be required to complete your enrolment application (subject to terms and conditions).