New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) (Construction Management) [Version 2]


The New Zealand Diploma in Construction (Level 6) (Construction Management), will give you the skills and knowledge needed to work as a construction manager or consultant.

This qualification will provide you with the skills, knowledge and aptitude required to assist with all stages of construction management  under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. You will gain the confidence to effectively plan and organise with sound financial management that meets the requirements of New Zealand legislation, Codes of Practice, and New Zealand and Australian Standards.  

What you will learn: 

When you achieve this qualification you will be able to: 

  • Apply knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders to administer and manage a construction contract. 
  • Operate within the legislative and regulatory frameworks as they apply to the New Zealand building and construction industry.
  • Evaluate and select materials and finishes for building projects, giving consideration to environmental impacts of the design and construction techniques to be used. 
  • Apply knowledge of structure and structural principles to manage construction for foundations, substructure, the building envelope, and the interior for small, medium and large buildings, and fire protection systems for medium and large buildings. 
  • Plan, and monitor construction contracts including evaluation of tender submissions, measurement for and preparation of schedules of quantities, management of variations and expenditure control during construction.
  • Analyse, select and administer construction contracts including the preparation of a tender submission from trade sections and other financial components, and value building works up to and including final account statements.
  • Communicate effectively with parties to a construction contract using organisational principles, digital technologies and industry best practice. Manage construction site logistics, resource allocation and construction activity for small, medium and large construction programmes.
  • Manage site establishment and provision of site services for short and long duration construction projects.  
  • Create technical sketches to communicate information relevant to the construction projects.
  • Apply leadership principles to manage construction site teams and support physical and mental well-being of a diverse construction site workforce.  

Career Opportunities 

 Graduates of this diploma will  have the skills and knowledge required to work as a :

  • construction site manager 
  • construction management assistant 
  •  construction project management assistant 

Maximum Programme Completion Time

To be awarded the qualification, the programme must be completed in no more than 6 years of first enrolment, unless there are exceptional circumstances.