Civil Systems Practice

Course code CIV3907

These days most engineering tasks require a 'systems approach'.  Knowledge, design skills, theory and a variety of tools will combine in a systematic way to complete a complex task.  This course is a practical introduction to this approach.  Elementary building blocks and theory covered in previous courses will be combined to design and develop more complex systems.  Working in teams will be an essential part of this course.

Systems that will be covered include: structural systems, such as concrete and fibre composite beams.  Teams will have to design, build and test their own beam; road design using Moss software; water and sewerage systems.

Travel to Australia

Attending a practice unit at the University of South Queensland (USQ) in Australia is a requirement of this course.

These units are held twice yearly in February and September. You can find out the dates for practice units relating to this course by clicking on this link for USQ: 

Once you have decided on the practice unit you would like to attend we recommend you email us at so we can arrange your placement with USQ on your behalf. Once we have confirmed your placement, we will notify you and then you can enrol in the course via our website.


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