Civil Materials Practice


Civil engineers need to have a detailed understanding of the range of materials they may work with. This includes how materials may be quantifiably tested and characterised so that the data is presented and interpreted in a way that can be understood by other professionals.

As part of this course you will be involved in an investigation of the range of materials commonly used in civil engineering.  The characterisation of materials and the need for material parameters for design will be considered.  

You will test a range of materials in the laboratory to establish material properties.  Presentation and interpretation of test results will also form an important part of the course.

Travel to Australia

As part of this course you need to attend a practice unit at the University of South Queensland (USQ) in Australia. These units are held twice yearly in February and September. 

Co-requisite courses

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Computer and internet requirements

To complete this course you will need access to a laptop or desktop computer, reliable broadband internet connection and a data plan able to support online learning such as streaming of videos (including YouTube), downloading content, and writing and submitting online assessments. If you are unsure if your current computer or internet access allows you to complete your online learning with us, please contact us before applying to enrol.

How to enrol

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Course availability over the next 12 months