Forgotten password or want to change it

If you can’t remember your password or want to change your password, follow the instructions below.  

Forgotten password

If you set up password reset options, click the button below to reset your password yourself. Check further down this page for our password guidelines. 

Reset your password

 If you have not set up password reset options, you need to contact us to have it reset (see below).

Change your password

To change your password you need to be logged into your account. The button below will take you to the Microsoft change password page:

Change password

Or you can log into MyOP then click your name to go to the 'My Account' page where you can change your password. 

Password guidelines

Passwords are case sensitive and can include numbers and characters. When you create a new password it:

  • must have eight or more characters
  • should not include your first or last name
  • should not include any letter or number sequences (such as 1234).

Note – Some common passwords will be blocked to protect your account.

Need help?

If you need help logging in, resetting or changing your password please get in touch: