The Open Polytechnic are proud to be official partners of the Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes are one of the most celebrated and supported club teams in Aotearoa, New Zealand. As a polytechnic who supports learning in every corner of the country, we thought it made sense to partner with a great rugby team with supporters from all over New Zealand. 

Like Open Polytechnic, the Hurricanes strive for excellence, advocate continuous learning, and are motivated to achieve their goals.

Asafo Aumua, Scott Scrafton and Xavier Numia discuss how to build mental resilience and keep going when things get tough. Hear how the Hurricanes get in the zone to make their moves.


In this video: Asafo Aumua, Scott Scrafton and Xavier Numia


Asafo Aumua



You need to close off to everything else, really focus on what you want to achieve.
Remember nothing else matters in the moment.

What resilience means to me is just how fast you bounce back from that setback. How fast you can get back on your feet and go again. It's that mental toughness. It's finding your way through.

Asafo Aumua


Scott Scrafton 


Focusing allows me to perform at the best for my team.
Everyone's got end goals and you have little goals that help to get there. So, you've just got to think about small goals, and keep ticking them off. Little goals that allow me to eventually get to that end goal. It's the courage to continue, to me that's what really counts.

Scott Scrafton

 Xavier Numia


When the battle's going off around you, resilience is finding your way through it. Think the most important thing is just finding our whys. Which is my family, my teammates, they're the ones that drive me every day. When I'm sore when I'm tired to train or whatever. Thinking about them, having them at the back of my head is what keeps me going. They drive me to be the best I can be. You won't know what resilience really is until you're on the other side of it.

Xavier Numia


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