Teacher Education Refresh

The Teacher Education Refresh is for teachers who are required by the Education Council to complete the four-course programme before regaining their Practising Certificate. 

Courses you need to enrol in

You need to complete all four courses in this programme: 

As each course is 12 weeks we recommend you only enrol into one course at a time.  


Fee free offer for this programme

The Ministry of Education is paying the student fee for enrolment in the Teacher Education Refresh.

This fee free offer is for a limited period.We will confirm when the end date of this offer is by publishing it on this page two weeks prior to the offer ending.

The  free offer only applies to students who are eligible students to enrol in courses Teacher Education Refresh courses under our standard terms and conditions of enrolment.

This fee free offer includes:

  • the programme’s course fees
  • the annual Administration fee.

It does not include:

  • provision of textbooks
  • any other additional fees incurred by a student in taking these programmes.

These will remain the responsibility of the student.


How to enrol

  • When you get to the payment screen of the enrolment form choose ‘contract id’ and enter '0805'.
  • Under ‘contract name’ enter 'TER'
  • Please ignore the message in the contract field: "A letter of authorisation from the Contract holder must be sent to the Open Polytechnic." It is not required for this offer.


About TER

This programme is provided by the Open Polytechnic through a subcontracting agreement with CORE Education Ltd.

We provide of the Teacher Education Refresh programme for early childhood, primary  and secondary teachers.

Teachers can complete this course online, at their own pace over a period of up to 12 months. 


Who the TER is for

The TER is aimed at early childhood, primary and secondary teachers:

  • who have graduated from an initial teacher education programme, but have not achieved a full practicing certificate within a six-year period
  • who are returning to the workforce after a lengthy period; or have trained overseas.

When you complete a TER, you can be provisionally certified for an additional six years. The Education Council expects that you will satisfactorily meet the Standards for the Teaching Profession in this time.

If you need too complete the TER programme to renew your practising certificate, you may be able to continue to be employed in a teaching position.

If you are employed in the primary or secondary sector your principal can apply for an extension to teach for you, provided you have done the following:

  • enrolled in the TER programme, and provided this information to the Education Council
  • lodged with the Council an EC80 application form and paid $220.80 and the Council has obtained a clear police vet.

Please note that the Council is unable to issue an extension to teach for early childhood education teachers.