Research and reading

How to research, analyse and evaluate information, and get the most out of your reading.

  • How to research

    How much and the type of research you need to do will vary with each assignment. There is no single way to do research, but the tips below will help make your research more effective.

  • Get the most out of your reading

    Reading is an important part of your studies - this page provides tips and techniques to get the most out of your reading.

  • Reading critically

    Critical reading is more than just reading a text and memorising or restating the information it contains. It requires you to analyse and interpret the text, and reach a deeper understanding of what you are reading.

  • Thinking critically and evaluating information

    In an assignment you not only need to show that you have researched and understood the topic, but that you have thought about it and can express your thinking.

  • Research using the internet

    There is a vast amount of information on the internet on almost any topic you can think of (and a lot you can't). Some of it's very good, but some is not. So it’s important when using internet sources to be sure of the content.

  • Understand and remember using SQ3R

    SQ3R is a tried and tested study strategy. It will help you understand and remember what you’re reading and studying, and help you identify the information you need to write an assignment.