Complaints, disputes and concerns


We aim to address all complaints in accordance with the principles of natural justice, and we work hard to make sure you feel safe and supported in raising a complaint or an issue.

Our process is designed to make sure you are not academically disadvantaged as a result of making a complaint, while also protecting our staff from frivolous or malicious complaints.

We have a formal system to record and action complaints. To activate it, please contact the Academic Registrar who will investigate your complaint.

Complaints are referred to the appropriate manager who will investigate the issue, take the appropriate action and then contact you to let you know what has been done or to talk about any further action that may be needed.


We are committed to resolving disputes quickly, efficiently and at the appropriate level, as far as possible. Before you use our disputes procedure, we recommend you first contact the Academic Registrar to see whether the problem can be resolved informally. Often disputes are a result of a misunderstanding, and these can often be quickly resolved.

If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, it will be submitted to an independent person with relevant alternative dispute resolution qualifications and/or experience. In this case, we must both agree to be bound by the decision. The independent person will be appointed by both of us. If we cannot agree within seven days of either of us serving notice on the other advising agreement or if an independent person cannot be reached, the President of the New Zealand Law Society will be asked to make the appointment.

Other avenues for dispute resolution you might find helpful are the Office of the Ombudsman and the Disputes Tribunal.


If you have any worries or concerns that you believe may impact on your studies or any concerns about our service to you, please contact us as soon as possible and we will work to find a resolution.

If your concern cannot be resolved immediately, it will be referred to a staff member who can investigate the problem and take some action to resolve it. They will contact you so you know what action has been taken.

If you are unhappy with how your issue is dealt with, you can take it further through our disputes procedure.