Getting your final results

On this page you'll find information on the release of your final results for Trimester 2 2016

Final results for Trimester 2, 2016 courses will be posted on My Open Polytechnic from the following dates, please note this is the first possible date they will be made available, and there may be some results released after this date:

Final results update 16 November 2016: 

Due to the disruption in Wellington from the earthquakes and flooding on 14 and 15 November, there will be some delays in releasing Trimester 2 final results. 

We expect business related courses  (BBus and NZ Dip Bus) to be released on 16 November as scheduled,  but all other final results due to be released on 16 & 17 November may be delayed for up to a few days.  We apologise for the inconvenience. Please check back on this webpage for updates as we will be posting here when we have more information on when the results will be released.

16 November

  • Certificate, diploma and degree courses in business including applied management and information technology.
    • (all courses in the Bachelor of Business, New Zealand Diploma in Business and Bachelor of Information Technology will be released as scheduled on 16 November, other business and IT related final results may be delayed by a few days)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Environment Major).
    • (Released 16 November)
  • Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Primary Science Teaching.
    • (Released 16 November)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Engineering.
    • DE330,DE4103, DE4301, DE4303, DE5301, DE5303, DE6309, DE6399 (Released 17 November)

    • DE4101, DE6301 (Will be released week of 21 November)

  • Certificate in Mathematics.
    • (released 18 November)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology and the New Zealand Diploma in Construction.
    • (Released 16 November)

17 November 

  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work.
    • (Released on 17  and 18 November)
  • Tertiary Study Skills.
    • (Released 17 November)

30 November 

  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology

7 December

  • Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

To access your final results

We will send you an email to let you know when your final results have been released. The email we send will direct you to your final course results on My Open Polytechnic. If you haven’t used My Open Polytechnic before, follow these instructions.


Ready to graduate?

If you are completing the final course for your qualification in Trimester 2, apply to graduate now and we will process your application pending the official release of your results.  Information on how to apply is on our graduation page  


If you need proof of course completion

You can download a PDF of your results in an Open Polytechnic template, for you to print or email as proof of completion. You can also request an Academic Transcript from My Open Polytechnic.


We’re here to help

If you have any questions about your final results or need help, please call us on freephone 0508 650 200 or email