Open Polytechnic transition to Te Pūkenga in 2023

Posted on 7 April 2022

Open Polytechnic, New Zealand’s leading distance and online provider is forward-focused and excited about the transition to Te Pūkenga next year as part of the government’s Reform of Vocational Education.

Like all other Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics in New Zealand, Open Polytechnic became a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga, the new national Institute of Skills and Technology in 2020 and will transition into Te Pūkenga from 2023.

In preparation for the transition, Open Polytechnic are already embracing a co-branding approach and throughout 2022 learners and stakeholders will see the Open Polytechnic and Te Pūkenga logos used in conjunction on Open Polytechnic’s website and in its marketing materials.

“Being a part of Te Pūkenga means we will be even more connected to the other organisations delivering vocational and applied education in Aotearoa New Zealand and we will work with them to share skills and knowledge to better help learners achieve their educational goals,” says Open Polytechnic Chief Executive, Dr Caroline Seelig.

Te Pūkenga is creating a network of online, on-campus and on-job learning to give learners flexibility in what, where and how they learn.

“Open Polytechnic learners can expect the same level of care, expertise and excellence in online and distance learning delivery from us; now with the added benefit of an umbrella network that aims to further strengthen learner engagement, flexibility and workplace connections across vocational education in Aotearoa New Zealand,” says Dr Seelig.

“The increased connection with other regional polytechnic partners offers a seamless approach for our learners to access an expanded network of resources. This is a collaborative way forward to further enhance and support their learning experiences.”

Te Pūkenga will be publicly launched through a national campaign in August.

See more about the transition to Te Pūkenga on Open Polytechnic’s website, or click on the links for more information on the Reform of Vocational Education or Te Pūkenga.