Leading New Zealand-focused public relations text now available as eBook

Posted on 3 March 2020

The first eBook to focus on the practice of public relations and communication management in New Zealand has just been published.

Lead author and Open Polytechnic Associate Professor Communications, Dr Gary Mersham co-authored Public Relations and Communication Management: An Aotearoa/New Zealand perspective with Auckland University of Technology senior communication lecturers Dr Petra Theunissen and Joseph Peart.

“The book is the first to focus on New Zealand’s unique cultural, communication, and information environment,” says Dr Mersham, “covering local issues and using relevant kiwi case studies.”

Available for purchase from the Pearson website, the book includes contributions from Dr Elspeth Tilley (Massey University), well known media commentator John Bishop, and Aline Sandilands (AUT University).

“All the contributors have had extensive real world experience in public relations and communication management practice,” says Dr Mersham.

Course leader for the public relations certificate and diploma programmes at distance learning provider, Open Polytechnic, Dr Mersham sees the eBook as an important development.

“Our online course uses the book as a prescribed text which will make it very easy for students to access it, with the bonus that it is cheaper than the print version. In the modern world of learning, where students battle to fit study in with busy work schedules, the ability to access learning whenever possible, anywhere, on any device, has become vital.”

The eBook is also able to be downloaded onto smart phone, tablet or laptop giving students access to materials on the move, regardless of internet connectivity.

“They can also log on at an internet café, library or computer lab.”

Public Relations and Communication Management: An Aotearoa/New Zealand perspective is available for purchase at www.pearsoned.co.nz.