ESA Publications and iQualify for Schools relaunch as LearnWell

Posted on 27 July 2022

ESA publications and online teaching and learning specialists, iQualify for Schools, both owned by Open Polytechnic, have combined their skills and expertise, and relaunched as LearnWell this week (25 July).

ESA Publications has been the leader in providing quality print resources for teachers and learners since 1985. iQualify for Schools, established by Open Polytechnic in 2017, has created over 200 online learning resources, used in secondary schools across New Zealand.

Open Polytechnic Executive Director School Strategy Alex MacCreadie says the new brand aims to serve the school sector with a range of resources and expertise both online and in print.

“Learning has changed a lot as a result of the pandemic. Teachers need to be able to offer a range of flexible learning options for students and have the ability to switch between options as circumstances change,” Alex says.

LearnWell will offer a new approach to producing print and online resources for schools, says Alex. “A single production process, led by universal design for learning practices and expert New Zealand teacher subject knowledge, will create new products that are centered around the learner and their needs.”

The new products will be congruent in both print and online formats and students will have a choice of which format suits their learning, and by shifting formats as their needs change, it provides greater flexibility for teachers.

New products on offer from LearnWell will provide an easy to follow learning journey, encouraging independent study through a conversational approach.

“This means that learning can be supported at a distance, or using blended and flipped pedagogies, and this teaching modality can change as circumstances change” says Alex.  “Further, because of this design approach, no student is disadvantaged by inequalities of devices and data, as the printed version provides the exact same learning journey and access to multimedia resources. Teachers will be able to teach their student simultaneously on the most appropriate format for them.”

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