Rosemary Rishworth

Role at Open Polytechnic

My areas of responsibility in my role include early childhood, OSCAR and teacher aide. I also have responsibility for the legal executive programme and other specific law courses. As well as liaising with staff in these areas to ensure all courses contain up-to-date material, I contribute to student forums, respond to student requests for assistance in finding information and assist with course development and staff research when required. 

I have worked in this role for 8 years joining the Open Polytechnic in 2005. I am a qualified lawyer but had a change of career direction with the arrival of 4 children and then qualified as a librarian. In that role I have worked in a college library and a special library (IHC).

My particular interest is ensuring that students become skilled in searching for information through the online resources available to them through the library catalogue. My hope is that they carry these skills with them as they become lifelong learners.