How distance learning works

Distance learning with us puts you in control of your studies, including how, where and when you learn.

Studying by distance and online learning means you don’t attend classes, lectures or tutorials. Instead you have the flexibility to decide where and when you’ll study, and can plan your studies around the rest of your life.

Distance learning is perfect if you have a job, children or commitments that make it hard to go to a fixed place to study. It's also a great option if you have a disability. You can study at home, during breaks at work, on the bus or train, or while you’re waiting for your kids to finish their sports or music lesson.

Flexible distance learning

Just like face-to-face study, distance learning courses still have start and end dates, and work to get through in between. This means you have to be disciplined motivated to ensure you get through the work and complete your assignments on time.

The benefit of distance learning is you decide on your timetable. It’s up to you to work out how to divide up your study hours, how much study to take on, and when and where you do the study. Also, we're here to support and help you succeed in your studies.

Because you set your own timetable with distance learning, you can study ahead of time if necessary or have the flexibility to catch up if something unexpected has happened. Some courses also offer flexible study patterns so that you can do them quickly or more slowly.

Distance learning with us also means you can study at your own pace. Many courses have more than one start date each year, which gives you options for when you study and the ability to take time out between completing one course and starting another if you need to.

Our courses

Most of our courses are delivered online (although some still have a paper-based component). Course work might include doing readings, watching videos or using interactive media, doing quizzes, taking part in online discussions, and doing assignments such as essays, reports or case studies.

For some of our courses you may also attend a small number of workshops (to find out more about workshops check the course page for the course you are thinking of taking).

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