Support for students with disabilities

Distance learning offers flexibility that can be ideal if you have a disability, health condition, mental illness, or specific learning needs.

When you study with us, you get to choose where and when you study. Your don't have to worry about travelling or getting around a campus. And you can vary your hours to suit your needs.

Distance learning offers a more accessible system than traditional forms of study. Our specialised teaching methods, online course content, and study support will bring the classroom to you.

We also have a dedicated Disability Learning Support Advocate at our Library and Learning Centre. They can support and advise you with your studies.


Forging her own path

Regardless of your status in life, anyone can study and achieve their goals, says Faye Richards, who has completed her Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Environment). 

Faye Richards

Bachelor of Applied Science (Environment)


Study awards for students with a disability

We offer two study awards to support students who have a disability towards completing a qualification. See our Scholarships page for more information.


Examination assistance

If you need assistance to sit your examinations we can provide services such as:

  • material in an alternative format. such as large print
  • a reader or writer
  • special furniture
  • the ability to sit an examination at home
  • extra time and rest breaks.

If you have any questions about the assistance we can provide for exams and your requirements get in touch:

Contact us


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