New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) (Level 6)

Qualification code OP6520

Get your mechanical engineering career moving with the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering).This nationally recognised qualification will give you the skills needed to become an engineering technician so that you can design, manufacture and maintain the tools, engines, machines and systems that keep modern society moving. It will also prepare you for the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering Practice (NZDEP) which enables you to meet the minimum standard of competence expected of a qualified engineering technician.


  • Level 6  
    Credits 240 
  • Workload

    Allow approximately 8-9 hours study time per week for each 15 credit course. Your workload may be higher around assessment due dates or exam time.

  • Study type Trimester  
  • Cost $11,600 NZ Domestic

    Approximate cost for the full qualification based on 2018 fee information, not including annual administration fees, fee increases, textbooks, course materials or external exam fees.

  • Student loan

    Eligible for student loans, if you meet the criteria. Student loans and eligibility

For information about selecting courses to study towards this qualification, check out the Choose courses tab.

What you will learn

When you achieve this qualification you will:

  • be competent in applying a technical and conceptual knowledge to practical situations
  • be a confident, critical thinker who has the ability to solve problems within a broad engineering setting
  • be able to communicate effectively, with an inquiring, flexible, creative and critical attitude towards contemporary issues and underlying theoretical concepts
  • have an appreciation of management and information technology within the context of the qualification
  • have an awareness of social, ethical and environmental issues
  • have the necessary skills and strategies to work safely and effectively on and off construction sites and engineering workplaces and with individuals, contractors, communities, clients and authorities
  • be self-reliant and motivated for continuous learning and professional development
  • function positively in bi-cultural and multicultural environments such as those which exist in New Zealand engineering
  • be work ready and be able to be employed in a relevant engineering field so that you can work towards the achievement of the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering Practice (NZDEP). The NZDEP will enable you to meet the minimum standard of competence expected of a qualified engineering technician.

Career opportunities

This qualification will prepare you for a career as an engineering technician who is responsible for product design and development in areas like machinery, bikes, appliances
and equipment.

Key dates

Every course has an enrolment close-off date. Make sure you know when you need to enrol by.

See key enrolment dates

Assessment and exam

Assessment is achievement-based and includes a combination of assignments, demonstrations, presentations, portfolios, reports, laboratories, practicals, projects, quizzes, tests, and online, skills-based and written examinations, as appropriate to the outcomes of each course level.

Laboratories and workshop access
Eight of the courses have two and a half day compulsory laboratories that are held in Wellington. Please be aware, travel costs for these workshops are at the student’s own expense.  Students are also required to make their own travel arrangements.

DE3301 requires students to have access to an engineering workshop and a local trainer. 

Information about assessment and exams

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