Energy Technology

Course code MEC4104

Over the next decade or so, environmental concerns, plus the depletion of the world's fossil fuel reserves accentuated by the industrialisation of presently third world countries, are going to force a reshaping of our use of energy.

This course aims to prepare you to play an informed and constructive part in that reshaping.

How to enrol

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Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • analyse combustion systems using appropriate tools from the field of combustion science;
  • analyse renewable energy systems using appropriate tools from the fields of thermofluids, heat transfer, and dynamics;
  • compare and contrast various combustion and renewable energy systems;
  • evaluate the potential of renewable energy technologies as a replacement for combustion energy technologies;


40% internally assessed

60% exam

For more information and a full list of exam times see our examinations page.


No textbooks are required for this course