Production Engineering

Course code MEC3204

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The design and organisation of methods used in manufacturing to bring about the transformation process is of fundamental importance to a manufacturing firm.  In this course you will undertake a practical study to apply concepts developed during the course.  This course follows on from MEC2202 Manufacturing Processes.

How to enrol

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Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • analyse various techniques and carry out a range of practical tests associated with metrology;
  • explain how the study of methods and work measurement can help the engineer solve many problems associated with the manufacturing environment;
  • interpret how the functions of production planning and control operate in a manufacturing organisation;
  • analyse the concept of inventory control and in particular, its application to the ordering and costing of materials in store;
  • analyse and apply methods for equipment selection and maintenance;
  • evaluate various layouts associated with manufacturing and explain when and how to apply them;
  • outline the principles of operation of flexible manufacturing systems, group technology, just in time systems and computer integrated manufacturing;
  • examine the applications of health and safety management in manufacturing organisations;
  • evaluate various investment options using net present value.
  • analyse different types of robots and their application characteristics;
  • discuss various types of automated material handling systems and their applications in the manufacturing industries;
  • discuss automated inspection and testing systems and their applications in the manufacturing industries;
  • discuss various characteristics of automated production lines and their applications in the manufacturing industries.


40% internally assessed

60% exam

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No textbooks are required for this course