Materials Technology

Course code MEC3203

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It is necessary for an engineer to have a sound working knowledge of the characteristic properties and behaviour of the common types of engineering materials during processing/fabrication and in service.  This course extends the basic course Engineering Materials to show how the basic principles of materials science are used in the development of contemporary engineering materials.

How to enrol

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Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • appraise the characteristics, properties, applications and behaviour (including strengthening mechanisms) during processing, fabrication and service of a wide range of engineering materials
  • examine and evaluate the effects of stress, fatigue, creep, corrosion, and wear on materials
  • examine and evaluate forms and effects of corrosion in metals and review the main methods of corrosion prevention
  • examine and evaluate the effects of welding on the properties of a welded component and the methods used to ensure a sound weld
  • systematically apply and justify the failure analysis of a material or a system of materials, including the use of relevant failure analysis methodologies
  • systematically specify and justify suitable material(s) for a given application, including the use of relevant material selection methodologies.

Other requirements

There is a textbook required for this course. Visit our textbook page for more information.


40% Internally assessed

60% Exam

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