Course code DE4302

This online course is designed to introduce you to the basic fundamentals of a range of engineering disciplines.

How to enrol

Before enrolling in this course you need to:

  • Choose the qualification you will study the course under. See the Work towards tab below for qualification options.
  • Check the order that courses in the qualification should be studied in the Qualification Structure table. This is in the Choose courses tab on the qualification page.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • Demonstrate the correct use of analysing forces and moments in mechanical systems. 
  • Calculate indirect stresses (bending and torsion) in mechanical components and select appropriate sections from standard tables. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of energy in mechanical system, including the Conservation of energy theory. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the forces, moments and torques resulting from linear acceleration, rotational acceleration, and centripetal acceleration.


50% internally assessed

50% exam

For more information and a full list of exam times see our examinations page.

information/">examinations page.


There is a textbook required for this course. Visit our textbook page for more information.

Labs requirements

A 2 ½ day practical Laboratory held in Wellington is a requirement for this course.

Trimester 1 Laboratories will be held during the term 1 school holidays,  

Trimester 2 Laboratories will be during the term 3 school holidays.

Your course leader will confirm the actual dates within the first week of the trimester, however you can click here for school holiday dates to give you a guideline for planning.

Lecturer / Tutor