Kitchen and Laundries

Course code DD11

In this course you will learn to create working drawings (floor plans and elevations) and a set of specifications that produce functional, ergonomic and attractive kitchen and laundry spaces.

How to enrol

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  • Level 5  
    Credits 10 
  • Study type Open  
    EFTS 0.0833  
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    2018 :  
    This course will start on the first Monday of the month you select for enrolment.
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    Print only
  • Workload

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  • Fees
    2018 :  
    NZ students $299 + $60 annual administration fee
    International students $900 + $60 annual administration fee
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Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • Identify and consider key points in designing a laundry
  • Create a laundry floor plan with elevations that include an appropriate lighting and electrical services plan
  • Identify and consider key points in designing a kitchen
  • Create a kitchen floor plan and elevations with specifications,including a lighting and electrical services plan
  • Advise on the expectations of different areas of the kitchen, including preparation, mixing, cooking, servicing, cleaning-up, storage and planning centres


This course is 100% internally assessed

The course runs for 12 weeks from your start date. The time you need to complete your studies will vary depending on your own knowledge and experience. As a guide it could take you approximately 10 hours a week to complete the course within the 12 week time frame.