Introducing Humanities and Arts

Course code 74104

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This course offers a wide-ranging introduction to Humanities & Arts subjects: Art History, Classical Studies, Literature, History (including the History of Science) and Religious Studies. The interdisciplinary approach to the theme of “Reputations” asks questions such as: Why are some people (like Cleopatra, Cezanne, or Colin McCahon) remembered, or famous? What is the relationship between a person’s reputation and the historical record? The course encourages the development of skills of critical analysis, argument and expression, exploring a diverse array of art works and texts from the past and from our contemporary world, including Aotearoa New Zealand.

Based on a course from the Open University UK, this is supplemented by New Zealand examples and contexts. It can be studied on its own or, combined with 74105 Humanities Tradition & Dissent and 74106 Humanities and Cultural Encounters, it is the first step toward the Bachelor of Arts Humanities.

This course is not available to international students.

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