Mass Communication

Course code 72363

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This course will enable you to interpret and use the diverse methods of mass communication – a vital source of business information and interaction. You will analyse the social, cultural, legal and ethical issues underlying the way businesses communicate with their communities of interest. You will hone your skills in advertising planning, public relations campaigns and crisis management.


How to enrol

Before enrolling in this course you need to:

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  • Check the order that courses in the qualification should be studied in the Qualification Structure table. This is in the Choose courses tab on the qualification page.

On completing this course you will be able to

  • Analyse mass communication theory in the context of mass communication campaigns
  • Differentiate the purposes of mass communication activities
  • Consider such contextual aspects as social, cultural, legal, financial, political and ethical environments
  • Account for and evaluate mass communication programmes.
  • Plan effective mass communication programmes by:
  1. Undertaking situation and needs analysis
  2. Setting objectives
  3. Appraising and selecting appropriate theories, models and techniques
  4. Developing mass communication plans and considering any possible hurdles to implementation
  5. Selecting appropriate media (channels) and techniques

Set texts

There is a textbook required for this course. Visit our textbook page for more information.


100% In-course