Self in Society

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A range of sociological concepts and frameworks are introduced in this course to examine the complexity of family forms, structures, and cultures participating in early childhood services.

The concepts of ‘education’, ‘inclusion’, and the histories of early childhood services in Aotearoa New Zealand are examined in relation to diversity, with a focus on the differing philosophies, pedagogy, and politics of each service.

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Students who successfully complete this course will be able to

  • Examine a range of sociological concepts including identity, sexuality, and gender; culture, ethnicity, race and sub-cultures in light of social diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand 
  • Demonstrate a developing understanding of the concept of ‘inclusiveness’ in relation to the roles and responsibilities of the early childhood teacher
  • Discuss the rich diversity of family/whānau structures in Aotearoa New Zealand and implications for the early childhood sector 
  • Identify the range of early childhood service types in Aotearoa New Zealand with reference to their differing philosophies, pedagogies, and histories
  • Describe the socio-political nature of education and the implications for a diverse and complex early childhood sector.


This course is 100% internally assessed

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