Staff Leadership

Course code 3309

This online course enables student to gain the skills necessary for leading others in the team, training them in the use of decontamination, sterilisation and storage procedures and observing and verifying that they have met the required workplace standards.

Students enrolling in this course will be required to lead an individual or team in a small project; to plan and deliver two training sessions and to verify the work of a person completing assessments for two of the level 3 sterilising courses. Students will need to have their work verified by a suitably experienced person.

How to enrol

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  • Level 5  
    Credits 20 
  • Study type Open  
    EFTS 0.1667  
  • Availability
    2018 :  
    This course will start on the first Monday of the month you select for enrolment.
  • Delivery type
    2018 :  
    Online only
  • Workload

    All our open courses have a credit value. For each credit, allow about 10 hours of study. Your workload may be higher around assessment due dates.

  • Fees
    2018 :  
    NZ students $730 + $60 annual administration fee
    International students $1,419 + $60 annual administration fee
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