Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

RPL is the process used to recognise your experience and skills in formal qualifications. If you have work experience, life experience, informal or formal education which may be relevant to your course, you may qualify to gain credits towards papers in a formal qualification. If your application is accepted you will need to provide verified evidence that you have met the learning outcomes of the course you are seeking credit for.

Evidence may include one or more of:

  • testimonials and references from appropriately experienced referees, covering specific areas of inquiry for which further documentation may be required
  • listing of past achievements and the learning sequences that were essential to their successful completion
  • production of monographs, journal articles, speech notes and so on that you have authored.

If you have any questions about RPL you can contact us.

Cross credits and credit transfers

If you have already passed a course that you think will exempt you from a course in an Open Polytechnic programme, you can apply for a cross credit or credit transfer. If you have passed the course through another provider, you will need to provide original evidence that you have passed the course, for example a signed original academic transcript.

Application for Cross Credit/Credit Transfer (opens in a new window)

Cross credits may be specified or unspecified.

  • A specified credit means that the content, level and learning outcomes of the course or qualification you have already done closely match one of our courses.
  • An unspecified credit is where you have an unrelated degree or qualification from another recognised tertiary institution and want to gain credit towards our programme. Unspecified credits may only be used to replace unspecified elective courses within a programme. The number of unspecified credits will depend on the degree and major you are studying. Please contact us for advice.

There is a limit on the number of credits that can be approved for cross credit. You cannot gain partial cross credit for a course towards a qualification, and we do not normally approve cross credit into Level 7 courses.

Fees only apply if you are seeking cross credit(s) from qualifications gained at a tertiary institution outside New Zealand. This application fee must be included with your application and is not refundable.

If you have any questions about cross credits, you can  contact us.