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Our tutor-led workshops provide you with the hands-on skills and knowledge you need to get started.

Whether you enjoy growing your own food, take pride in your flowerbeds or simply enjoy pottering in your garden, you will come away with fresh knowledge and know-how. Plus, this will be your first step towards achieving the New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (General) (Level 3)

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 Auckland North Shore

Leslie Haines

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Leslie has been running these North Shore horticulture workshops for the past 5 years and enjoys the enthusiasm of the range of people wanting to learn more about propagating, growing and managing their own gardens, or training for a job in horticulture.
Leslie studied horticulture at Massey University and has worked in horticulture for the past 30 years. She was previously tutoring at Unitec for horticulture and landscape courses, and has also had a variety of experience in practical amenity and nursery horticulture. ‘My experience at the Botanic Gardens was very enriching, being among such a range of common and unusual plants and knowledgeable gardeners. I love native plants and visit the local bush regularly, and have been involved in Auckland’s community revegetation projects. Currently I have a small home garden growing food and amenity plants.’

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Auckland Central / West



Pamela was inspired to grow a variety of plants whilst in high school, and began growing vegetables and plants in her parents’ garden from a young age.  After school she went to university to study horticulture and specialised in nursery production.  Pamela has experience in seedling production, landscape maintenance, indoor plants and vegetable production.  During this time, she spent some time as a volunteer teaching horticulture to local growers in Malawi; encouraging them to compost and grow crops sustainably. “I enjoy teaching and learning horticulture, and the enthusiasm of students wanting to learn to grow their own plants or studying to start a new career in horticulture.”

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Bay of Plenty

Anne Parkinson


Anne  is a graduate from Massey University and began her career in the nursery and amenity horticultural industries as a plant propagator and nursery manager in the private and then the public sector.

She has lived extensively overseas and for 20 years lived between the Middle East, Asia and NZ. She has a board base of experiences including a project with the UNDP in Bahrain; green space restoration with the Wellington City Council and voluntary work in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Anne has worked in adult education, specifically horticulture, for over 10 years. She enjoys teaching people how to grow plants, how to grow them better and how important they are to all our wellbeing.

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Clint Smythe


Clint was inspired by his horticulture teacher at high school, and began growing vegetables and plants to sell at local shops and markets in his spare time. After finishing high school he shifted to the Manawatu to study Horticulture at Massey University. In his final year there he specialised in Nursery production. Clint has over 25 years practical experience in growing nursery crops, vegetable production, landscaping, riparian planting and farm forestry.
During this time, Clint has spent some time in a voluntary capacity teaching horticulture courses in Vanuatu and Uganda. His enthusiasm for teaching and learning continues to grow, and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge of this exciting industry.

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Hutt Valley 

Warren Kerruish


Warren has been working in the horticultural industry since leaving school and taking on a horticulture apprenticeship with Wellington City Council in 1984. 

His passion for horticulture is visible in his own garden where a number of plants have been propagated from seed, cuttings, division and grafting.  This includes a number of heritage and cider apples.

For the last 10 years Warren has been teaching horticulture and has enjoyed seeing the student’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and interest grow.

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Wellington Region

Dr Miseal Diputado


Misael has a Ph.D. in horticulture from Massey University and has vast research and practical knowledge of the industry.  He was a university lecturer in horticulture in the Philippines for more than 10 years before returning to New Zealand and has been running the course since 2009.  At home in Wellington, he maintains a small garden with a tunnel house where he propagates amenity shrubs and trees.  

He keeps in touch with his students on a regular basis and is always available to assist them when needed

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Ryan Young


My name is Ryan Young and I have a background in Amenity Horticulture, Nursery Production, Landscaping and Consultation. I have authored books on New Zealand Plants, written Horticulture Training units and have won the Ellerslie International Flower Show Supreme Award and Design Award (2009). I have also produced show gardens that won class trophy in the Canterbury Horticulture Society Garden Competitions. Received gold awards for plant exhibits Gardenz Flower Show (precursor to the Ellerslie Flower Show Christchurch) I have received awards from the Ministry for the Environment for promoting the use of native indigenous plants. I have held titles of President of the Canterbury Botanical Society and Vice President of the New Zealand Alpine Garden Society and held positions of council, trustee and board member for many other plant related organisations. As your facilitator, I will be with you throughout the whole duration of the programme. I facilitate regular workshops, supported learning sessions, lectures and field trips, guide you through assessments that you are required to complete, answer any questions you may have and ensure that your progress smoothly through the course. 

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Jenny Perano


Jenny  has been in the horticultural industry for more than 35 years. During this time she has been involved in kiwifruit and citrus production as well as nursery management in Bay of Plenty.  During this time she completed National Diploma in Horticulture (Hons) in Nursery Production. Since moving south Jenny has been tutoring in Horticulture since 2002.

Horticulture is an exciting field for both the home gardener and those involved in the industry. Jenny is passionate about passing on her knowledge and inspiring those participating in her classes.

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Fiona Eadie


Fiona  loves plants. It all started with a degree in botany from Otago University. Since then she has undertaken native forest research, managed a native plant nursery in Auckland and at present is head gardener at Larnach Castle in Dunedin, an internationally recognised garden.

Over the past 12 years she has also undertaken teaching for apprentices in horticulture throughout New Zealand. She has also been a regular contributor to Commercial Horticulture for the past eleven years giving growers and other interested parties, an insight into the wonders of plants and how they interact with their environment. Her passion is New Zealand native plants and has written three books on gardening with NZ native plants.

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*Fee free terms and conditions 

  • This fee free offer is for a limited period. We will confirm when the effective end date of this offer is by publishing it on the qualification web pages on this website two weeks prior to the offer ending.
  • This fee free offer only applies to eligible students enrolling in the New Zealand certificate in horticulture General Level 3 (NZ2677)  on Open Polytechnic’s standard terms and conditions of enrolment.
  • This fee free offer only applies to the programme’s course fees and the annual administration fee. It does not include provision of textbooks or any other additional fees incurred by a student in taking these programmes which will remain the responsibility of the student.