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Auckland North Shore

Leslie Haines

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Leslie has been running these North Shore horticulture workshops for the past 5 years and enjoys the enthusiasm of the range of people wanting to learn more about propagating, growing and managing their own gardens, or training for a job in horticulture.
Leslie studied horticulture at Massey University and has worked in horticulture for the past 30 years. She was previously tutoring at Unitec for horticulture and landscape courses, and has also had a variety of experience in practical amenity and nursery horticulture. ‘My experience at the Botanic Gardens was very enriching, being among such a range of common and unusual plants and knowledgeable gardeners. I love native plants and visit the local bush regularly, and have been involved in Auckland’s community revegetation projects. Currently I have a small home garden growing food and amenity plants.’

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Auckland Central/West



Pamela was inspired to grow a variety of plants whilst in high school, and began growing vegetables and plants in her parents’ garden from a young age.  After school she went to university to study horticulture and specialised in nursery production.  Pamela has experience in seedling production, landscape maintenance, indoor plants and vegetable production.  During this time, she spent some time as a volunteer teaching horticulture to local growers in Malawi; encouraging them to compost and grow crops sustainably. “I enjoy teaching and learning horticulture, and the enthusiasm of students wanting to learn to grow their own plants or studying to start a new career in horticulture.”

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Wellington  Region

Warren Kerruish


Warren has been working in the horticultural industry since leaving school and taking on a horticulture apprenticeship with Wellington City Council in 1984.

His passion for horticulture is visible in his own garden where a number of plants have been propagated from seed, cuttings, division and grafting.  This includes a number of heritage and cider apples. For the last 10 years Warren has been teaching horticulture and has enjoyed seeing the student’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and interest grow.

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Hutt Valley

Dr Miseal Diputado


Misael has a Ph.D. in horticulture from Massey University and has vast research and practical knowledge of the industry.  He was a university lecturer in horticulture in the Philippines for more than 10 years before returning to New Zealand and has been running the course since 2009.  At home in Wellington, he maintains a small garden with a tunnel house where he propagates amenity shrubs and trees.  

He keeps in touch with his students on a regular basis and is always available to assist them when needed

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Fiona Eadie


Fiona Eadie is head gardener at Larnach Castle in Dunedin, an internationally recognised garden. Her passion is New Zealand native plants and has written three books on gardening with NZ native plants.

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