Open Polytechnic Diploma in Marketing (Closed to New Enrolments)

Qualification update

New Students

NC5121 New Zealand Diploma in Business, which includes all the courses for the Open Polytechnic Diploma in Marketing, is closed to new students. 

As an alternative, you may wish to enrol in our Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Applied Management programme. Click on the link to find out more about the business degrees available at Open Polytechnic.

Current Students

If you were already enrolled in NC5121 New Zealand Diploma in Business prior to 23 October 2017, and wish to complete the Open Polytechnic Diploma in Marketing, you can continue to enrol in your next course as normal to complete your qualification. 

You must be enrolled in your last course/s by Trimester 2, 2019 to complete the Open Polytechnic Diploma in Small Business. If you need help with a study plan to complete the diploma in this timeframe, please email us. Please note, you have until the end of Trimester 2 2020 to complete the full New Zealand Diploma in Business.

Study Plan

To be eligible for this diploma you must complete the following courses.

Qualification structure

Four compulsory courses

541 Fundamentals of Marketing

642 Marketing Research**

644 Buyer Behaviour & Communication Strategies**

648 Marketing Planning & Control** 

Plus two of:

500 Accounting Principles*

430 Statistics and Financial Mathematics for Business

435 Fundamentals of Small Business

520 The Economic Environment*

530 Organisations and Management*

560 Business Communication*

630 Leadership**

Note: courses marked with * are core New Zealand Diploma in Business courses and courses marked ** have prerequisites.

How to enrol

Go to the NC5121 New Zealand Diploma in Business qualification page and enrol in your courses from there (following the qualification structure listed above).

Note: You can not enrol in all six courses at the same time. We recommend you enrol in one or two courses per Trimester, and complete your studies before re-enrolling in the next course(s) in the above study plan.

If you need any help enrolling, contact our Customer Services team