Open Polytechnic Diploma in Accounting (Closed to New Enrolments)

Study Plan

To be eligible for this diploma you must complete the following courses:

Qualification structure

Four compulsory courses

500 Accounting Principles*

501 Accounting Practices

601 Financial Accounting**

602 Management Accounting**

Plus one of:

510 Introduction to Commercial Law*

520 The Economic Environment*

530 Organisations and Management*

550 Business Computing*

560 Business Communication*

Plus one of:

603 Business Finance**

606 Taxation**

Note: Courses marked with * are core New Zealand Diploma in Business courses and courses marked ** have prerequisites.


How to enrol

Go to the NC5121 New Zealand Diploma in Business qualification page and enrol in your courses from there (following the qualification structure listed above).

Note: You can not enrol in all six courses at the same time. We recommend you enrol in one or two courses per Trimester, and complete your studies before re-enrolling in the next course(s) in the above study plan.

If you need any help enrolling, contact our Customer Services team