Real Estate Authority verifiable continuing education

Open Polytechnic is accredited by the Real Estate Authority (REA) to provide both verifiable and non-verifiable continuing education.


Corporate/group workshops 

To discuss corporate/group delivery options contact Fiona Casey:

0508 650 200

DDI: (04) 915 5859

Workshop facilitators 

Find out more about our experienced workshop facilitators.

Real Estate non-verifiable continuing education

Completing one real estate-related unit standard with us will ensure you achieve the non-verifiable component of the continuing education requirements. We recommend the following two unit standards:

     US26149 Demonstrate knowledge of licensing and code of professional conduct under the Real Estate Act 2008

     US4704 Facilitate the discharge of real estate contracts

Enrol in non-verifiable continuing education

If you would like to enrol in a course as part of your non-verifiable continuing education, contact us today