Where to start with exam study

The most important thing with exams is to start your studies early, and get prepared so that you know what to expect in your exam, what you need to study, and have a plan for how to approach your study.

Check your exam details

Before you start studying for your exams make sure you know:

  • When and where your exam(s) is. 
  • What of sort of weighting or percentage of the final mark for your course the exam is. 
  • What you need to take with you when you sit your exam, and what you can’t take into the exam venue. 

To find this information check your learning material or course pages, correspondence from us, and the pages below:


Find out the exam format

Finding out about the length and format of the exam, including what types of questions to expect, will help focus your study. You’ll know what types of questions to prepare for and will be able to plan how you will allocate your time during the exam before you go into the venue. Check your course material or the course pages. If it is not in there, contact your lecturer/tutor.

You can also check the pages below to find out more about exam questions and how to plan your exam time:

Plan your study time

Creating a study plan will help you get organised for study, and give you goals to work towards. Start by filling in the date(s) of your exam(s) on your calendar. Then divide your time according to the number of topics you need to cover. As well as time to revise, include time for time for practice exams and additional revision if required. 

Remember to be realistic with your plan:

  • Plan to start your study early. If you start too late you will add to your stress, which won’t aid your learning. 
  • Decide what days each week, and for how long each day you will study. Make sure your plan is flexible, and will let you adapt if something comes up. Don’t fill in every spare hour of every day. 
  • Make sure you allow for breaks and include free time. Breaks help you to rest, and absorb what you are learning.

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