Tips for online and distance learning

When you are studying online by distance learning being prepared will help you know feel in control, as you will know what you need to know and when.

Be prepared

  • Ensure you know when your assignment due dates and exam dates are.
  • Plan how you will approach the work.
  • Work out a study time table.

Get familiar with your course pages

Take the time to explore your online learning environment as soon as you can. This will help ensure you know how to find your way around, what features it has and how it works, including important things like how to submit an assignment or contact your tutor/lecturer. If you have any questions you can also find out the answer before your course work begins.

Log in often

When your course starts, make sure you log in to your course regularly; if not every day then at least four or five times a week. Get into the habit of checking your course pages frequently to:

  • check on and participate in any discussions
  • check for announcements and updates from your tutor
  • review your course materials.

This will help you to keep up with your course work, and possibly gain extra information that will be useful for your assignments or exam.

Connect with others

Sometimes when you are studying by distance you can feel isolated, but remember you are not alone. Your lecturer/tutor is here to support you through your studies and help you succeed. Contact them if you have any questions, want additional information or are struggling.

Also remember that other students are studying the course along with you. Our students say that sharing ideas and experiences with fellow students increased their motivation, helped them do better in their individual assignments, and kept them on track. Make sure you participate in discussions in your course pages will help you to connect with other students. You can also check out our Online Community and Facebook pages.

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Get help with technical issues

If you have any questions about, your password, My Open Polytechnic, OneDrive or other technical issues ask the Helpdesk.

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