Study tips

How to get prepared for study, strategies for online learning, and techniques to help you plan, stay motivated and succeed.

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  • Get ready for study

    Online and distance learning is great for its flexibility and how you can fit it around the rest of your life, but it also means you need to be motivated, disciplined and organised. If you are you'll find it easier to cope and feel more in control.

  • Top 10 Study Tips

    It's never too early - or too late - to develop good study habits. Check out our top 10 study tips to help keep you on track.

  • What's your learning style?

    Each of us has a preferred way of learning. You may learn best visually, by listening, by reading and writing, or by doing.

  • Tips for online and distance learning

    When you study online and by distance learning you need to be motivated, well organised, pro-active, and take an active role in learning, accessing information and connecting with your tutor and other students. 

  • Develop good study habits

    Good study habits can mean the difference between failure and success. Once you're aware of any bad study habits that are holding you back, you can change them.

  • How goal setting helps your study

    Students who set goals and stick to them are more likely to stay motivated and achieve success in their studies. So, if you haven't already done so, set some study goals.

  • Managing your time while studying

    The secret to succeeding in your studies is good time management. If you manage your time well you will be able to achieve more and feel in control, which will help to reduce your stress levels.

  • Things they don't always tell you about learning and studying

    Your tutors and course materials provide information about study and learning, but there are other things you also need to take into account to help you get prepared for your studies.

  • Strategies to increase your motivation

    Motivation is the reason you act in a particular way or do something. In this case, the something is succeeding in your studies; this is your goal. Motivation is what drives you to reach your goal.

  • What to do if you get stuck

    All students get stuck at times – that’s normal. What’s important is how you react when you do and what strategies you have to help you solve your problem. This page has some tips and ideas.