Study, concentrate and remember

Tips and strategies to help you study effectively, concentrate and remember what you have learned.

Our tutors also know what it means to be a student, here are their study tips:

  • Techniques for active learning

    Active learning is when you do activities, such as reading, writing, discussions or problem solving, which encourage you to analyse, synthesise and evaluate the information being looked at.

  • Improve your memory

    We use a range of things to help us store memories and recall them when they're needed, including pictures and colour, language, organisation, repetition, emotions, spatial awareness, and all five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

  • How to mind map

    Mind maps can help you to take notes, organise and structure your thoughts and ideas, and remember what you have learnt.

  • Reviewing your work to help you remember

    Once you've learnt something you need to be able to recall it when you need the information, such as when you are sitting an exam. 

  • How to improve your concentration

    Many students complain that they just can’t concentrate, and that minds race from one thing to another and their thoughts are all over the place - except on their studies.