Improving your algebra

Algebra is a type of maths that uses letters and symbols to represent numbers and unknown qualities and solve problems.

Why use algebra?

Algebra helps us to:

  • see patterns and relationships between things
  • think abstractly about them 
  • generalise from what we see, and
  • communicate about this, using symbols, diagrams, graphs, etc.

Why learn algebra - You Tube (video clip, 5 mins, opens in new window)

How to do algebra

Below are some websites that will help you understand, do and pass algebra.

Khan Academy - (opens in new window)
Khan Academy has videos and tasks that will help you if you are new to algebra, or want to go over more advanced skills..

WTAMU Virtual Math Lab - West Texas A&M University (opens in new window)
This site has tutorials covering a wide variety of topics at various levels. Each lesson includes useful terminology, worked examples, and links to other sites.


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