Maths and statistics

An understanding of maths is needed in many areas of study. Find tips, techniques and links to websites that will help improve your maths skills.

  • Studying maths and statistics

    If you find maths challenging or are anxious about it you are not alone. The good news is you probably know more than you think because maths is used every day.

  • Dealing with maths anxiety

    If you feel anxious when you have to do maths, you’re not alone - maths anxiety is quite a common complaint. Don’t let it stop you from studying maths; instead use the tips below to help you deal with your anxiety.

  • Improving your algebra

    Algebra is a type of maths that uses letters and symbols to represent numbers and unknown qualities and solve problems.

  • Help with statistics

    A lot of information around us is in the form of numerical data. For example, customer surveys, political polls, economic predictions, the Consumer Price Index, and health, education, housing and sports statistics.