Marni Adlam

Marni Adlam

Marni (Ngāpuhi) decided to enrol with Open Polytechnic at a time when she was seeking a career change and found that distance study offered her the most flexibility to change her situation, and build a better future centred on her work.  

Marni initially started studying human resources, but later realised that she had more of an interest in strategy and decided to change to studying business.

By studying  by -distance, Marni has successfully changed careers, now  working in the not-for-profit sector having developed the skills necessary for succeeding in her field.  In future, Marni hopes to use the skills learned in her studies to develop a social enterprise focused on alleviating poverty.

Marni found that one of her biggest challenges with studying by distance was the lack of feeling like she was part of a community of learners. As such, one of Marni’s goals in becoming a member of the Student Advisory Group is to enrich the student community and help them develop that network.

In her spare time, Marni enjoys cooking, going to church, blogging and travelling.

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