Janice Reddy

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Janice hopes that by being involved with the Student Advisory Group she will be able to contribute to better decision-making that improves outcomes for all students. 

Janice, who is originally from Lautoka in Fiji, saw the opportunity to be part of the Student Advisory Group on Online Campus. “It was something I’d never done before and I thought I’d like to try it out. I think it will be good working with other students and having the chance to put my two cents in.”

The Auckland-based mum is studying towards her Graduate Diploma in Business. She has already completed a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from Open Polytechnic, and says she enjoys the flexibility of online distance learning.

“I was impatient to finish my qualification so last year I did two courses in one trimester, as well as working 45 hours a week. I won’t do that again! Now I leave my weekends free and only study on week nights after my daughter is in bed. In my spare time (which is very rare with a three-year-old!), I like going for walks, watching TV and enjoying some ‘me-time’. When I’m in a good mood, I like baking as well.”

Janice has been working in the accounts department of a housing company for nearly 11 years, and says her studies have been invaluable in her role.

“The management focus of my current study has helped me at work putting reports together and making decisions – and the practical work I do in my job also helps me with my course assignments. At the moment I’m working on a special project renegotiating all the power company contracts for our leased properties. I love being able to put into practice what I have learned through my study with Open Polytechnic.”


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