Marking and moderation

Open Polytechnic's assessment centre can assist with your organisation's assessment, marking and moderation requirements.


We have a large team of markers across the country, with expertise in a wide range of subjects. Whether your needs are small or large scale, we can help with your workload and turnaround when you need it.

Assessment moderation and validation

Our assessment centre can also do pre-assessment moderation and post-assessment validation of all assessment types and learner results. This can help provide assurance to your organisation. It also gives an independent endorsement that your assessment decisions are reliable and valid.

Pre-assessment moderation

Pre-assessment moderation ensures assessments meet the national standard. It includes detailed feedback so you can revise assessments to meet the national standard.


Post-assessment validation verifies that assessor decisions are reliable and valid. It also ensures that assessor decisions are based on the Assessment Schedule.


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