Our learning management system

With the iQualify learning management system (LMS), you can easily create courses to engage your learners. iQualify can be accessed using any modern browser, so there is no need to install expensive computer software or upgrade your existing technology. 

What you get with iQualify LMS

We developed iQualify in response to the changing needs of learners in a digital world. Designed with an education lens, iQualify is backed by Open Polytechnic’s 70+ years of distance learning experience. 

No matter where learners are - Auckland, Wellington, Invercargill or overseas - they can easily access their course content on any device. It's easy to use, for your organisation and learners.

  • Designed responsively - You and your learners can use it on any device – user friendly on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.
  • Easy to use - As soon as learners can log in they can progress through induction and start their course easily, regardless of where they are.
  • Online - iQualify is an online cloud LMS, but your learners can also their course content offline if they need to without downloading a separate app. 
  • Learning analytics - Analytics let you see how learners are performing. Where they are progressing or where they might need help.

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iQualify is the educational LMS used by Open Polytechnic for all its online learning delivery. 

Easy online course creation

If your team knows how to use Microsoft Office, they will be able to create content in iQualify.

Whether you're an education provider or a business looking for a corporate training LMS, you can easily create engaging online content.

You can build your content directly in the platform, without the need for expensive external tools. You can include a range of activities, where learners can get instant feedback.

You can also include media and interactive elements to help you create rich and engaging learning experiences. We can even help you with everything from interactives and video production to licensing our existing educational content and having it tailored to your organisation.

Online Course Builder Laptop

With iQualify you can have professional training content in no time at all.


Micro-credentials and badges

The iQualify learning management system lets you motivate and reward your learners with digital badges. iQualify’s badges comply with the IMS Open Badges 2.0 standard so you can award a recognised micro-credential to your learners. You can build these around your organisation’s training programme.

We can also support you to get these approved as an accredited course with NZQA.


Pay for what you use

With iQualify LMS there are no set-up costs, monthly hosting charges or upgrade fees.

With our active pricing model, you are only charged for the number of users that are online each month. This means you can try iQualify for your organisation without getting locked into a large set-up cost or monthly hosting expense as you develop your courseware.

We won’t lock you into a fixed term with your iQualify subscription. You can use it as much or as little as you wish. For pricing specific to your organisation, contact the commercial team directly.

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Use your brand and make it your own

iQualify lets you decide how best to work with your learners, using your brand and images to design an experience that aligns to your organisation.
You can use it in conjunction with face-to-face training, and create a blended delivery model. Or your learners can study individually, in their own time and place.

 Make it your own device image

 API integration & event hub

Gaining knowledge about how your learners interact with your content online is an essential part of getting the best learning outcome possible. With iQualify LMS, you can not only analyse this information within the platform, but you can also export this information to external data warehouses such as Microsoft BI for in-depth data analysis.

This information can help you identify learner engagement and improve the effectiveness of your online learning delivery. For more information about data export and integration, contact the commercial team directly.

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Sell your training courses online

By integrating your iQualify LMS with the Stripe e-commerce payment gateway, you can offer online sign-up and payment for any of your published courses.

Learners can select courses, enrol and pay for their course without you lifting a finger. Automating both payment and enrolment can create an efficient online training portal for your staff or the public with the click of a button.

Want to know more?

Contact our Commercial team to learn more about the iQualify LMS and how you can use it in your organisation for a range of education delivery needs.

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