Our People

Open Polytechnic employs a wide range of learning and teaching experts who provide academic and learning support to our distance learners. We also utilise a significant number of contractors, mostly off campus, who are subject matter experts in their fields who provide academic support and marking services for Open Polytechnic.  As a specialist provider of open flexible distance learning, we also employ highly skilled courseware design and development and education technology professionals, administration and customer support staff, as well as library and learning centre staff who are all focused on helping Open Polytechnic learners achieve their educational goals. 

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  • Murray Bain

    Chairperson - Ministerial Appointment

  • Dave Moskovitz

    Council Appointment

  • Graham Naylor

    Council Appointment

  • Jennifer Moxon

    Ministerial Appointment

  • Kate Alexander

    Ministerial Appointment

  • Maria Bargh

    Council Appointment

  • Sue Sutherland

    Council Appointment

  • Vaughan Renner

    Deputy Chairperson - Ministerial Appointment