Mary O’Neill

Mary O’Neill

Mary, who is working towards her degree in Applied Science ( Environment) says she decided to join the Student Advisory Group to give feedback from the perspective of an environmental science student.

“In 2008 the Open Polytechnic awarded me with a Certificate in Environment and Sustainability level 5. I am working on my final paper in  Diploma in Environment and Sustainability level 5 and progressing to my degree in Applied Science major Environment,” she says.  

“As a member of the Student advisory group, I am hoping  to contribute with critical thinking. Every stage in the studying process paves the way to greater knowledge and new qualification levels, making a positive impact on our life. In this process we all learn how to create a good study plan, understand our needs, make right educational choices and self-discover how to sustain our future”.

Through her experience studying with the Open Polytechnic, Mary’s advise for prospective students is to take study “one step at a time”.

“This is the best thing one can do. The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand is the right choice for your success,” she says.

In her spare time, Mary works as the e-curator of the Mary O’Neill Doll Museum online and interprets New Zealand doll histories. She also enjoys bush walking, canoeing and tree planting.

“The late Associate Professor Graham Harris in Native Plants  passed on to the Open Polytechnic  students  a great knowledge and  enthusiasm for  germinating native trees. Over the  period of two  years I germinated so many native species,” says Mary.

“With permission from the Napier  Regional Council I planted over 25 of Cordyline Australis (cabbage tree) near by the Ahuriri Estuary in Napier in 2008. Every year in a spring,  I take a special walk to visit all my trees planted all over the Hawke’s Bay.”