Grace Heiss

Grace Heiss

Grace sees the purpose of the Student Advisory Group as an opportunity for the Open Polytechnic to call on students for their opinions and to address concerns.

Currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Social Sciences, Grace says it is important for students voices to be heard, she joined up to the Student Advisory Group as part of her commitment as student representative on the Academic Board.

“I'd like to think that as I have studied at two other tertiary institutes before Open Polytechnic I can provide valuable comparative opinions as well as share my experiences as a studying mum.”
A stay at home mum of two preschool boys, Grace also enjoys Zumba and crafts.

“I set aside Sunday afternoons to just potter around in my (over flowing) craft room/office. I struggle to commit to one particular activity though (I crochet, sew, sculpt, draw...the list goes on) and because of this for every project I actually complete there are about six unfinished ones cluttering up the house.”

She says the Open Polytechnic was the right choice when it came to studying and raising a family.

“My experience so far has been great. It fits in so well around family life. The quality of the courses are outstanding and I'm doing really well”.